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GazeGirls by dmchilln
Kimiko or kimi
Nickname: Mini Leader san Or Mini Kai to the the band an staff due her leadership skills an drumming skill
Age 24
duty: Drums tech for Kai Stage Manager 
personalty : Sweet but tough a lot people think she not fighter a leader like her boyfriend Kai
Status: Taken by Kai
Family: Lilly Kai Ruki Satoshi (nephew) Aoi Uruha, Reita.Akia, Kagumi
Like: Drumming,Music.Kai,being on the road, beating the band mates in videogames  on there off day
Dislike: people hurting her family,telling her dream not real
Look On tour/job -depend on the tour they on pair of Blue or Black Jeans purple belt with Chain wallet an walk talky  boots  and glove like kai from RCE on off days a dress with legging flats hair matching Kai on pv  her ear done like kai

Nickname Mini Ruki  -way she acts an sings -
Age 23
Duty: Stage Hand, Mic tech for ruki and Sound Manager
personalty : Dorky hard head sometime  caring alil bit shy smart ass, dense, serious, and clumsy.
Status: Taken by Ruki
Family" Kimiko Ruki Satoshi(son) Kai Aoi Uruha and Reita
like: music being on the road, Ruki,tattoos
Dislike: people that tend hurt family
Look: on tour/job Tank up shorts animal print belt  Gloves  hair: Blond goes into black with hot pink  tip Tattoo covering her body right ear done to match with ruki and other piecing i will not list off  off day it depend on the mood she in

Age: 23
Duty: Guitar tech for Aoi and Odd jobs around stage back
Personalty : smart funny  good listener, hard worker,
Status: Taken by Aoi
Family: Aoi Lilly Kimiko Kai Ruki Reita her nephew Satoshi Kagumi an Ito
Likes: Guitar Music Aoi Making Friend 
Dislike N/A
Look: matching aoi regret hairstyle Job jeans an tshirts an hoodie /off depend on the place their going to

Kagumi: -wip-



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Uchiha Kimiko
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Im a Cosplayer Roleplayer

Kimiko is young pretty female uchiha from the uchiha clan she have long crow black hair styled like her father .But she also very powerful a force you don’t mess with or cross path. She also had cousin name Kaito Uchiha the son of Izuna Uchiha and a senju woman the sister of the first hokage hashirama senju those two grow up in year of the earlier year konohagkure for peace agreement between the Uchiha and Senju clans . Kimiko and Kaito train under Madara and Izuna For awhile then one night Kimiko father become ill, him and his young brother izuna they everything to get kimiko father better but nothing work. Young kimiko and kaito both awoke from hard of day training to izuna screaming in pain Madara have took his young brother eyes .Kari was there to heal izuna but he was dead after losing to much blood when his eyes gotten took out .Kaito went to live with his mother and Kimiko never saw her cousin again after that night.
Itachi Uchiha her nephew and teammate those two train until the couldn’t anymore. One day her father Madara want to challenge the 1st hokage to a battle but kimiko bag him into going because she knew that something well go bad in the battle. Her Mother Kari uchiha she told her daughter ''he be fine your father be back soon''.But Kimiko knew that wasn’t true few months she full developed her Sharingan thank to Itachi helping her. Kimiko mother get a knock on the door she see it konoha anbu with her husband warfan and young kimiko was walk home from a mission with her nephew itachi. Itachi and her were in same team because they both can work together really well together kimiko was blue Uchiha hoodie sleeveless, black t-shirt under the hoodie, light purple pants blue shinobi shoes ,hair short spiky with gloves like sasuke in his hebi outfit and ninja tool kit on her lower back.
Kimiko saw the anbu at her house with 1st hokage Hashirama, she and itachi both run up to her house the young female uchiha get in front of her mother to protect her. She actives her fully developed sharingan she stare at the groups with hatred building inside her body and ask the 1st ‘’ where my father is coming home or his gone forever answer me ‘’ one of the anbu walk up kneel down so he eye level of young kimiko she glare at him’’ I’ am sorry sweetie you father is gone I’ am so sorry ‘’ and her mother walk back inside with itachi next her. ‘’You a crowed hiding your face you just scrum hiding behind you mask that one thing I can’t stand all the villager see us uchiha as bad guys the stuck us in the corner of village so you keep your eyes on us one day you feel the wrath of uchiha clan once again. Kimiko walk away and close the door and goes to her mother and itachi she stare at her father warfan start to cry Itachi seeing his aunt crying he goes over hug her tightly.


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